Changing my NaNo...AGAIN!... ... ...?

Crimeny. I just went through some of my old notebooks and got a couple of new ideas that I'd like to work on, none of which mesh with each other as they're all from completely different settings. Do I do the modern fantasy with the political undertones and tragically doomed romance that's at least 3-4 books long? Or formulate a random plot around some really awesome characters that each examine a different moral quandary?

Or maybe both? I have a pretty easy schedule during November, and I'm sure I could sneak in a couple of pages at work during my lunch hour or something. Maybe I'll try for two 50K novels this year.... O_O

A new track for my train....

I've decided to do semi-nonfiction for nano this year rather than straight up fantasy fiction. Should be interesting.

(edit: Must not forget to include the guided tour by the junkie in London)
oh the chickens


So if you get the chance to read Akumetsu, do so.

It's nearing November, which means....NANOWRIMO!!! *cheers*
oh the chickens

*deep breath*

Despite my regular inclination to completely divorce myself from society, I always end up gravitating back. I suppose it's training for my eventual goal to be a hermit. XD

Quick news cap, as it's been quite a long time
*I've applied for an ROTC scholarship. If I get it, I'll be going back to San Antonio
*Jason and I are fine and happy.
*Kitties are adorable as always
*My family is still crazy.

That is all.